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Multi-channel Digital Marketing:

Web, Email, SMS, PDF, Google Ads

Relevant, scalable and impactful

Marketing campaigns built by a team of digital marketing experts that grow your business with measurable results

Our clients

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Multi-channel Direct Marketing

Our team provides digital marketing production services, focusing on ongoing consultancy and on the implementation of relevant messages to achieve tangible results

Why focus on Digital Marketing?

Proven results

Our customers average conversion rate is 26% instead of 3% usually generated by generalis campaings on soclia media

Get to know your customers

Running direct marketing campaigns means being able to identify your users, collecting data regarding their habits, shopping behaviours and wishes

Relevant messages

The best way to achieve high conversion rates is to reach your customers at the right time with the right and relevant message on every channel.

Direct communication

Creating and sharing personalized emails, landing pages, SMS/WhatsApp notifications, personalized printing collaterals and Google Ads, is the best way to channel your customers in a super efficient purchase flow.

GDPR and FDPA compliant

Secure data management

You can manage, update and consolidate all the data that run your campaigns, generating more value for your business, and being totally compliant with the last regulations (GDPR and FDPA)

Your own and encrypted database

We supply one database infrastructure for each customer ensuring total security and scalability.

Autonomous data management

Our customers can amend, search, upload data, carry out data export by themselves and operate on multiple tables.

Cloud and on-premises

We offer to our customers two data storage options: we can store their database in our data center in Switzeralnd or we can coneect to their local database installed on-premises.

Coversion rate up to +38%

Multichannel Direct Marketing Campaigns

We provide ongoing consultancy, implementation services and production services related to your personalized multi-channel digital marketing campaign on the web (landing pages), emails, SMS, WhatsApp and PDF for printing

Tailored messages and personalized actions

The best way to run successful marketing campaigns is to reach the users at the right time and with a relevant message. Our campaigns are completely customized and automated to convert more users to customers.

Ongoing consultancy to improve the effectivness

Our team includes account managers, project managers, data analyst specialists and technical experts in web applications, that can support and lead our customers at every step.

Digital Marketing expert close to you

Based in Switzerland, Italy and in the UK, the Reach Out Lab's team has helped hundreds of customers discover the astonishing power of marketing campaigns focused on data with the fully support of a dedicated team.

marketing campaigns
conversion rate
28% +
personalized emails sent


If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact us to discover the next customized consultancy dates.

Do you provide consultancy and custom developement for my company?
Absolutely yes! Our digital marketing experts provide custom consultancy based on each customer's requirements and training days to go through the full range of options and opportunities of personalized digital marketing based on data. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about this.
How much does running a marketing campaign cost?
We proved full access to our digital marketing automation platform and fees are based on volumes of email, web pages, SMS and other messages sent to the audience. Our customers' cost for 1.000 sent emails can be a max of CHF 10.00 while 1.000 web pages views cost a max of CHF 5.00. Our team consultancy and custom development are quoted considering each customer's requirement with the best rates on the market.
Do your provide custom implementations and integrations with existent tool as CRM or ERP?
We have provided custom solutions for ten of our customers, integrating serval kinds of APIs and databases. Our platform is based on a modular and open structure which allows us to integrate it in the best way to help the data exchange, increases the automations' opportunities and offers a user friendly interface for those internal users focused on data management.

Web Applications

Development and Netlify Partners

We have developed web applications and digital products used by millions of users. We provide web development services for companies in several industries and we are Netlify Partners for fast Jamstack application deployment.

Netlify Partner

Cloud and serverless experts

We manage large inftastructure comprising dozens of servers, serveless functions and redundant databases.

Data security and privacy

Our systems are fully compliant with GDPR and FDPA, using data encryption in data centers based in Switzerland.

Continuous improvement

We work on our customers' projects using an agile approach based on continuous improvement to deliver always the best user experience and compliance.

Web technologies

Our team includes senior developers expert in Node, React, Javascript, PHP the reach the best performaces for scalable applications.


We focus on and analyze our customers' requirements for the best integration with their existing tools and systems to allow the most advanced automation.

Database experts

We work on systems based on MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis and other database systems, providing our consultancy on the best available options.

Cloud Hosting in Switzerland

App screenshot

We are official Exoscale sales and implementation partners. Our team is always available to provide quotations and consultancy on migration processes, server management and cloud hosting services in data centres based in Switzerland.

Virtual Private Servers

High-performance Windows and Linux virtual machines with optional GPUs and customizable storage and CPU types.

Database as a Service

MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache Kafka, Redis with redundant configurations and scalable storage.


Automatic scaling worker clusters with lifecycle management.

Automatic snapshots

Automatic and manual virtual machine snapshots with lifecycle management and CLI commands.

Windows Server and Linux

All Windows Server 2019 and 2022 editions available as well as most Linux distributions.

DNS Management

Low latency Anycast DNS for complex network configurations.

Object Storage

High-redundancy S3-compatible object storage.


Content Distribution system for delivering high-performance static assets in most German-speaking locations.

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